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This Site is Home to An In-Depth Video Library for you to Learn How To Live Your Human Design and Honour That of Others.



Human Design is…

A system that uses a chart based on your Birth Date, Time & Location.

Guidance about how to make decisions in alignment with your nature. 

A path to live from your body’s guidance.

A system for de-conditioning and freedom.

A way to surrender to Life. 

Ready to begin?

Step 1: Get Your Chart

Download your Chart from

For instructions about the process to get your chart and the information you will need follow the link below.

If you don't have a chart already, this is where the journey begins.


Discover the most important aspects of your Human Design Chart or, if you are really keen, you can learn basics of the entire human design system.  You decide.

Do you want to learn about your own design?  Watch your videos only.

Do you want to learn about Human Design in general. Watch the entire series sequentially.  

Step 3: Book a reading

90 Minutes of focused 1-1 time with Karen on how to live your Human Design.

Learn more about what to expect by clicking below.

I’m Karen.

I love Human Design.

Learning my Design radically changed my life. Thank you for joining me in surrendering to what Life has in store for us.