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The Human Design Free School Starts here:

1) Get Your Free Chart
2) Watch Videos
3) Choose Your Learning Adventure


Step 1: Get Your Free Chart

Human Design uses the data from the time and location of your birth to calculate your Human Design Chart. Your chart will look similar to this illustration, but will be specific to the energetic flow within your system. This chart contains all the information you need to begin to understand how you can best interact with the world for your well-being.

Step 1: Get Your Chart  You will head over to Jovian Archive to get your free chart. You can follow the prompts to download it for future reference. Before you go, you will need – the time and location of your birth: day, month, year, hour and minute plus country and city where you were born. READY? Go now and then proceed to Step 2 below to know what to do with this brand new information.

Step 2: Make Sense of Your Chart The Human Design Chart may be unlike any graphic you have seen before now. For a full explanation of each of the elements and what you need to focus on at the beginning go to our detailed outline. It will be a resource for you in making your way through the Human Design Free School.

Step 2: Watch the Videos

Start with the videos that  detail the two most important decision-making aspects of your design.

Video 1: Your Human Design Type & Strategy  Discover your Specific Human Design Type and the Strategy that will allow you to meet life without resistance. This is the key to experiencing ease, simplicity, and freedom in your life and business.

Video 2: Your Decision-Making Authority Discover your Decision-Making Authority, where in your body you can go reliably to make decisions that are aligned with your true path. Make decisions that are fully empowered and honouring of your truth.

Part 3: Choose Your Learning Adventure

Path 1: Discovering what makes your friends and family tick  with the videos that detail the two most important decision-making aspects of your design. Discover their Human Design Type and the Strategy to understand them better.

Path 2: Continue learning all about you starting with Your Centres Delve deeper into learning the motors and influencers in your system. Discover your areas of leadership vulnerability so that you are no longer swayed off-course by the influences around you. Be confident in your direction.

Part 4: 90+ Minute Reading

If you wish to yada yada and deepen your understanding book  a reading with Karen.

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

Discover the 4 Navigational Gems in your chart and how they will simplify decisions in your life & business from now on.

This Intimate Reading is done via Zoom and includes my intuitive take on your chart and how you can implement your design in your life and work.

Leave your reading with an in-depth understanding of…

  • Your Type: Discover how to honour your type so that your work flows, you eliminate resistance and stop forcing things to happen.
  • Your Decision-Making Strategy: Learn how to honour your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you more easily discern what direction is healthiest for you and your business.
  • Your Open Centres: Discover your areas of leadership vulnerability so that you are no longer swayed off-course by the influences around you. Be confident in your direction.
  • Your Unique Leadership Attributes: Understand your Leadership Strengths so that you design your roles to emphasize and draw on them.

Walk away with a Video Recording of your Reading for you to review time and again and benefit from the nuances of the system. You’ll probably find another implementable idea each time you watch it!

You choose what to give…

For your Human Design Reading, you are free to give what makes sense for you.

To put this in context, in the past I have sold my readings for $497 and $300 USD. Currently, my Human Design readings are $250 USD. Most Human Design Readings are in the $100-300 range.

Nowadays, my business runs on the spirit of generosity.

This means that your Human Design Reading is available to you based on your generosity and what makes sense for you to give. Please be prepared to give money and not through some other form of exchange.


  1. Book Your Reading:  Click on the button below to choose your time and date. You will be prompted to answer some questions and to enter your birth information.
  2. Watch your Videos: We will confirm your reading with you by sending you your initial videos. Please watch your videos before we meet for your reading.
  3. Enjoy your Reading & Give: We meet for your 90 minute Reading! After we finish your reading, you will choose the amount you would like to give for your 1-1 Human Design Reading and pay using a link.
I loved learning my Human Design! Karen so clearly articulated my purpose for this lifetime, which I’ve intuitively felt, but didn’t know how to name. Since, I’ve been putting more time towards cultivating my natural, born ‘gifts.’ It sounds cliche, but the more aligned I am with who I was born to be, the more abundant, expansive, ecstatic opportunities open to me.
Stacey Morgenstern

Founder, Health Coach Institute

My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

The way that Karen approaches Human Design is the most useful personality typing process I’ve experienced in 10 years. Karen has the rare combo of leadership acumen + authentic spirituality. I highly recommend tapping her insights into your business!
George Kao

Authentic Marketing Coach

Case Studies

Business Story
Makaylah Rogers
CEO, The Freedom Club
Natalie Kent
Sacred Business

5 Signs that the 1-1 Human Design Package may be right for you:

1) You’re not having fun. You’re not having as much fun anymore. It’s becoming harder and harder to do the things required to ‘play the game.’

2) You’re concerned about your health.  You’ve received an alarming health diagnosis (or sense that you’re on your way towards one) and you know that you need to make a change in how you work.  You’re ready to try something different to avoid sacrificing your well-being.

3) You question if the way you work is sustainable. Maybe you have an inkling that things need to change. Or maybe the idea of continuing in the same vein for many years to come feels like a prison-sentence. Either way, you sense that you can’t do things the way you’ve always done them for much longer. You know deep down there’s a better way … your way. You just need to find out what your way is.

4) You need some time off. You really need some down-time to recuperate, but it’s difficult to take a break because of the demands of your business.

5) You LOVE freedom. You want to be more care-free, to shed the weight from your shoulders, kick-up your heels, be lighter, less worried and more joyful AND you’re willing than ever to have that freedom even if it shakes up your current status quo.

More Praise for Karen’s Readings…

Working with Karen is like getting a box of passion in the mail! She is gifted in this process and she shares it all. The Human Design information she shared gave me huge insights for my life and work. It answered some ‘whys’ I had been struggling with and opened doors for me to  walk through. This is valuable work for executives and entrepreneurs alike.
Kate Steinbacher

Co-Founder, The Coaches Console

This work with Karen is very illuminating and I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to letting go and seeing how it feels to just live from my Sacral Authority and give energy to what lights me up.
Sharla Jacobs

Co-Founder, Thrive Academy

You have to learn Human Design!! Before I knew my design I felt inadequate and inconsistent in my business. Since Karen opened my eyes to my specific design, I have so much peace of mind about my strengths and my own genius. And I have compassion for myself for qualities that aren’t in my Design. I am much more aligned in my practice and it is so much easier!
Lesley Edwards

Mars & Venus Performance Coaching

Karen’s insights on Human Design have changed the way I live my life. My new strategy does NOT include endlessly chasing clients. It doesn’t leave me drained and exhausted. I don’t feel like I need to force an outcome. Instead, I put the word out, and trust that the right people will respond. What a relief!
Bette Friedlander

I feel more aware of my power and impact, and how to use it with grace. Knowing my decision-making “strategy” and “authority”, make it ALOT easier for me to navigate my daily life. What a relief! What Karen shared resonated deeply and made me feel like I’m not crazy!!! Things I’ve been trying to fix are actually a part of my essence, my power.
Nancy Compton

Strategic Partnerships Manager in IT

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