Your Human Design Chart 

Follow the Steps below to Get Your personal chart



Step 1:
Gather your personal information

Before you go to the Jovian Archive website, which has the program to calculate your chart, you will need to know the date and time of your birth.

YES, the time matters as aspects change several times throughout the day. It is worth texting Mom or calling the hospital where you were born to see if they have that information for you.

All set? Then head over to Jovian Archive now.  And if you aren’t certain of the moment you came into the world go to Step 2.


 Time of Birth

Step 2: If you Don’t know the time you were born

If you don’t know what time you were born and you aren’t able to find out, watch this video to learn what to do in this scenario: 

Video Library

Step 3: Watch Videos

All of the information you need to delve into your specific details is in the chart you just found online. The videos will help you to discover the most important aspects of your Human Design Chart. If you are really keen, you can learn basics of the entire human design system.  You decide. 

Do you want to learn about your own design?  Watch your videos only. 

Do you want to learn about Human Design in general? Watch the entire series sequentially.  


Delve Deeper

Book a reading

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

You have discovered some of the Navigational Gems in your chart and how they will simplify decisions in your life & business from now on through reviewing the videos.

However you have a few questions about how these are playing out for you, and how you can take your understanding to the next level.

An Intimate Reading may be the right answer for you now.  We talk via Zoom and I focus on giving you my intuitive take on your chart and how you can implement your design in your life and work.

Walk away with a Video Recording of your Reading for you to review time and again and benefit from the nuances of the system. You’ll probably find another implementable idea each time you watch it!