Harmonious Partnership Package

Let Me Breathe
A Breath Of Fresh Air Into Your Partnership
So That You Enjoy
an Even More Powerful, Creative
And Harmonious Connection.

Dear Purpose-Driven Business Owner and Partner,

I’m guessing that you’ve really met your match with this partner of yours, whether they be your business partner, romantic partner (or both).

And when there’s a strong match, there’s so much POTENTIAL… potential for heights of creativity, fun and collaboration AND potential for depths of friction, frustration and limitation.

Partnerships are the best thing in the world when they’re working and the worst thing in the world when they’re not.

In the past 8 years of helping Business Owners to discover their genius, I’ve seen something about close relationships and their effect on Genius.

It is the person that we are closest that most limits and liberates our Genius.

The person that we’re closest to…

The #1 Person you are closest to is Yourself. And to me, that is Secret #1 to an amazing Partnership: Self-Empowerment.

You must be empowered in yourself first to fully liberate your Genius.

And to be empowered, you must really know yourself.

How can you honour your nature, if you don’t thoroughly understand what it is and how it works?

Know Thyself. Honour Thyself.
That’s the #1 Key to A Healthy, Harmonious Partnership.

After that, the next closest person to you is your Partner. This is someone whose faith in you and ability to honour your nature will make or break your success.

It’s those little critical comments or facial expressions, however subtle, that can tear you down when your new idea is still fresh and vulnerable.

And it’s that vote of confidence and encouragement during your moment of doubt and fragility that gives you the strength to move forward when your fears are threatening to run the show.

It’s that person who KNOWS YOU so well…that can say with objective honesty “You’ve got this.”

But there’s something even more important to creating a partnership that supports Genius than how you treat each other…

Watching many partners, I’ve seen that the worst thing for a partnership is not what each person does, but what they won’t do that really jeopardizes the vitality of a connection.

“I won’t change in this way, because you may feel threatened/abandoned. In exchange, please don’t change in this way, because I’ll feel threatened/abandoned.”

It’s the silent expectations and behavioural status-quos that can keep someone from feeling that they have the freedom to express their Full Genius and embark on their Truest, Boldest path.

In many cases, a person will not even consider embarking on a new path or new expression for fear of changing and jeopardizing the connection with their partner.

The unconscious message is: Change? Don’t Go There.

The #2 Key to Healthy, Harmonious Partnership is…
Space to Change.

Freedom to Evolve.

We need to give our partner the space and freedom to change.

We need to honour our partner when they decide that they won’t behave the same way anymore because it’s no longer their truth.

We must champion their growth. We must support their evolution. We must honour their movement homeward towards self-empowerment…even when it is not what we would personally prefer.

Especially when we personally benefited from the Old Way.

And even more, when their new behaviour triggers our deepest fears about rejection, self-worth etc.

Enter Human Design.

I believe Human Design has a special magic to offer Business Owners in their Relationships.

There are 2 powerful things that knowing your Human Design and the Design of your partner does for your partnership:

#1: Self-Empowerment

Knowing your Design teaches you how to make your daily decisions in alignment with your nature…so that you are fully self-empowered. You are using your time, energy and money EXACTLY WELL.

You are healthy, whole and amazing, in yourself. That makes for a strong foundation for your relationship.

#2: Other-Empowerment

Knowing your Partner’s Design allows you to understand the mechanics of what it means for them to be self-empowered and making choices that are healthy for them. When you understand this, it evokes impersonal respect for them.

This means that when they embark on a new path or evolve into new behaviour, you are able to support them because..

You don’t take it personally.

You can see, perfectly clearly, that they are simply being true to themselves, because it’s right there in their chart.

You both understand it. And you can see change for what it is…an implicit, natural, on-going process that has nothing to do with the other person. It’s not personal. It’s just nature doing it’s thing.

The worst thing in a connection is when someone stifles the natural push of their evolution in order to accommodate their partner’s insecurities.

That’s the kind of toxic shit that most of our parents modeled for us.

That’s the kind of stifling relationship that loses vitality and becomes a suffocating prison.

If you are stifling your own nature, you are stifling your partnership.

Let’s have Option B, shall we?

It’s time to enjoy the freedom and excitement of an evolving, empowering partnership!

Let me introduce you to your Human Design, and your partner’s Design, so you two can become even more radically fun and creative playmates.

Following my Human Design has breathed even more fun and creativity into my connections. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

With love, Karen

I loved learning my Human Design! Karen so clearly articulated my purpose for this lifetime, which I’ve intuitively felt, but didn’t know how to name. Since, I’ve been putting more time towards cultivating my natural, born ‘gifts.’ It sounds cliche, but the more aligned I am with who I was born to be, the more abundant, expansive, ecstatic opportunities open to me.
Stacey Morgenstern

Founder, Health Coach Institute

My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

Your Healthy, Harmonious Partnership Package Includes 3 Components:

1) Custom-to-You Videos
2) 2 X Personal Human Design Readings
3) 1 90-minute Partnership Reading

Component #1: Custom-to-You Videos

​​Enjoy custom-to-you videos that outline, in detail, the 2 most important decision-making aspects of yours and your partner’s designs.

Enjoy some time, together or separately, to watch these prior to your readings to get even more out of our 1-1 time.

Video 1: Your Human Design Type & Strategy: Discover your Specific Human Design Type and the Strategy that will allow you to meet life without resistance. This is the key to experiencing ease, simplicity and freedom in your life and business.

Understanding your Partner’s Type is the key to empowering them day-to-day to honour themselves.

Video 2: Your Decision-Making Authority: Discover your Decision-Making Authority: where in your body you can go reliably to make decisions that are aligned with your true path. This gives you the permission to make decisions that are fully empowered and honouring of your truth.

Support your Partner in the decision-making process by helping them to honour their Decision-Making Authority.

Videos are available on the membership site: www.karenamcmullen.com and are exclusive for reading participants. Access them at anytime that is convenient for you.

Component #1: 2 X Personal Human Design Readings

90 minutes – 2 hours Via Zoom Video Conferencing

For each Partner we will take a deep look at your Human Design Chart so that you can be empowered as Yourself First!

FAttend this personal reading together, or enjoy some 1-1 time with me, it’s up to you!

Discover the 4 Navigational Gems in your chart and how they will simplify decisions in your life & business from now on.

Intimate Video Reading via Zoom (approx. 90 minutes) includes customized powerpoint visuals of the elements of your chart.

Leave your reading with an in-depth understanding of…


  1. Your Type: Discover how to honour your type so that your work flows, you eliminate resistance, stop forcing things to happen and avoid burn-out.
  2. Your Decision-Making Strategy: Learn how to honour your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you more easily discern what direction is healthiest for you and your business.
  3. Your Open Centres: Discover your areas of relationship vulnerability so that you are no longer swayed off-course by your partner or other influences around you. Be confident in your direction.
  4. Your Unique Leadership Attributes: Understand your Strengths so that you design your business & partnership to emphasize and draw on them. ​​

Component #3: 90 Minute Partnership Reading

Via Zoom Conferencing

In this Partnership Reading, I combine you and your partner’s charts to reveal your Composite Chart.

This is the map of your charts combined together, and reveals both the collaborative strengths and potential challenges of your connection.

Using your Composite Chart, combined with my intuition, and years of training as a Relationship Harmony Coach, I provide a window into new powerful ways that you can connect and collaborate with your partner.

The intention of this Partnership Reading is to create more ease, collaboration and fun together, so will be focused on celebrating and emphasizing what works, and not what’s broken and needs to be fixed.

Leave with a greater respect and enthusiasm for eachother, as well as a view of the magic that you co-create.

The way that Karen approaches Human Design is the most useful personality typing process I’ve experienced in 10 years. Karen has the rare combo of leadership acumen + authentic spirituality. I highly recommend tapping her insights into your business!
George Kao

Authentic Marketing Coach

Case Studies

Business Story: Monique
Makaylah Rogers, CEO The Freedom Club
Natalie Kent, Sacred Business

Beta Bonus!!!
Gem #3: Understand the 9 Centres. 9 Videos (Value $297)

Human Design for Leaders:
9 Centres Videos

If you truly want to master your relationships, understanding the 9 Centres that you have defined, or undefined, in your chart and how they influence others is essential.

That’s why for you keeners who help me out with the Beta Phase, I’m also giving you access to all 9 Videos from my Human Design for Leaders program about the 9 Centres.

Enjoy some time, together or separately, to watch these videos and gain a solid understanding of the mechanics of conditioning…how you condition others and how they condition you.

Working with Karen is like getting a box of passion in the mail! She is gifted in this process and she shares it all. The Human Design information she shared gave me huge insights for my life and work. It answered some ‘whys’ I had been struggling with and opened doors for me to walk through. This is valuable work for executives and entrepreneurs alike.
Kate Steinbacher

Co-Founder, The Coaches Console

This work with Karen is very illuminating and I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to letting go and seeing how it feels to just live from my Sacral Authority and give energy to what lights me up.
Sharla Jacobs

Co-Founder, Thrive Academy

You have to learn Human Design!! Before I knew my design I felt inadequate and inconsistent in my business. Since Karen opened my eyes to my specific design, I have so much peace of mind about my strengths and my own genius. And I have compassion for myself for qualities that aren’t in my Design. I am much more aligned in my practice and it is so much easier!
Lesley Edwards

Mars & Venus Performance Coaching

Karen’s insights on Human Design have changed the way I live my life. My new strategy does NOT include endlessly chasing clients. It doesn’t leave me drained and exhausted. I don’t feel like I need to force an outcome. Instead, I put the word out, and trust that the right people will respond. What a relief!
Bette Friedlander


I feel more aware of my power and impact, and how to use it with grace. Knowing my decision-making “strategy” and “authority”, make it ALOT easier for me to navigate my daily life. What a relief! What Karen shared resonated deeply and made me feel like I’m not crazy!!! Things I’ve been trying to fix are actually a part of my essence, my power.
Nancy Compton

Strategic Partnerships Manager in IT

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