The Nine Centres

Human Design Reveals 9 Centres, which are Defined or Undefined. Your Undefined Centres are potentials for Wisdom, and also where you are susceptible to conditioning.

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The Nine Centres

Your undefined centres are places where you take in other’s energy and amplify it.  These can be areas of vulnerability where you can be swayed off-course by the influences around you. 

Once you understand the mechanics of these centres, you will be more aware of outside influences and how to stay true to your self.  Be confident in your direction.

Start with Understanding Centre Mechanics

Understanding how the defined and undefined centres in your chart interact with other’s defined and undefined centres, is where you need to start in order to get value from learning about your undefined centres.

Want a Personal Guide?

I offer Human Design Readings to help you integrate and live according to your design.

An Intimate Reading is done via Zoom and includes my intuitive take on your chart and how you can implement your design in your life and work.

Leave your reading with an in-depth understanding of…

  • Your Type: Discover how to honour your type so that your work flows, you eliminate resistance and stop forcing things to happen.
  • Your Decision-Making Strategy: Learn how to honour your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you more easily discern what direction is healthiest for you and your business.
  • Your Open Centres: Discover your areas of leadership vulnerability so that you are no longer swayed off-course by the influences around you. Be confident in your direction.
  • Your Unique Leadership Attributes: Understand your Leadership Strengths so that you design your roles to emphasize and draw on them.

Walk away with a Video Recording of your Reading for you to review time and again and benefit from the nuances of the system. You’ll probably find another implementable idea each time you watch it!