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Your Understanding of What It Means To Be You


Aura Type 

Aura Type & Strategy

Your Aura is the energetic presence that extends beyond the physical body.  There are four aura types, each with specific properties that determine how best to interact with life.  

Discover the strategy to honour your type so that you eliminate resistance and increase your satisfaction, success, peace and delight.



DEcision-Making Authority

Your Decision-Making Authority is the place in your body that you can reliably go to make decisions about what is right for you.

These videos outline the 3 most common Decision-Making Authorities: Emotional, Sacral and Splenic.  Learn how to honour your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you more easily discern what direction is healthiest for you.

Nine Centres

The Nine Centres

Your undefined centres are places where you take in other’s energy and amplify it.  These can be areas of vulnerability where you can be swayed off-course by the influences around you.

Once you understand the mechanics of these centres, you will be more aware of outside influences and how to stay true to your self.  Be confident in your direction.


Profile & Circuitry

Profile & Circuitry

Understand your Leadership Strengths so that you design your roles to emphasize and draw on them. 

In these videos we explore your Profile (1/3, 2/4, 4/6, 5/1, 6/2 etc.) and your circuitry (Individual, Integration, Tribal or Collective).